Friday, 25 April 2014


Like most people these days I am on pintrest so when we started this project it was a great way to collect ideas and inspiration of what I had in mind for the house. I now have a few different house boards, one for this house and a few more for other future houses.

When looking back over my board(s) I noticed that something was popping up over and over again….

Along with the white walls which I knew I wanted, the traditional Moroccan Rug, Beni Ourain, kept appearing over and over again. Before I started my research I have never heard of this style but as I seems I am the only one who hasn't as versions of it are everywhere!

What I love about it is that it is reasonably neutral in colour, White/Cream with normally black/dark geometric patterns on it which means that it will blend in with most interior design styles adding texture and depth without competing with the other elements. Which is great when trying to plan interiors with a more masculine edge and compromise with an other half which has quite a different style to me.

On a side note surprisingly enough before this project when talking interiors and what styles we liked and wanted I though we were quite different but as we progress he has quite liked the direction I am going with my boards and we have come to an agreement on the underlying wall/ floor/ tile decisions but more on that later for now back to my obsession.

And it has become an obsession, so much so that the other half has even noticed!

The more I looked the more I found I wasn't alone in my obsession, apartment therapy did a story on beautiful spaces with Beni Ourain rugs.

Traditional versions of this rug can be quite expensive but are available online, or  in Sydney through paddo to palmy whose owner shares my obsession with this style, although most of hers have more colour.
But as we have dogs, who just by being dogs, track dirt everywhere, (You don't want to see the white Flokiti  we have in the bedroom, I so need to send it out to be cleaned again, currently it is various shades of white/ grey) although I would love a large traditional version I would cry each time the dogs went near it, so it wouldn't work in the living space I want it for. Therefore I have been looking for a more affordable version.

Alisa and Lysandra of the block fame have a version.
As does freedom 

So any guesses what my first purchase is going to be after we are no longer paying rent and mortgage?

AA x

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