Sunday, 20 July 2014


Since we have been doing the house thing I have been spending loads of time on the interweb "researching" otherwise known as looking at (loads of) pretty pictures and spending my imaginary budget building and furnishing the new house.

I would like to share two of my new favourite blogs with you…..

 1. Paddo to Palmy, a Sydney based design enthusiast who documented the renovation and decorating adventure of creating her fantastic Paddington House, along with building her online business.

Source; Paddo to palmy

Source; Paddo to palmy

2. Amber Interiors, a California based interior designer who documented her own fabulous renovation and interior design process along with some of her inspiration and clients jobs.

Source; Amber Interiors

Source; Amber Interiors

Both ladies have an amazing sense of style, a touch more modern than my own, but are providing boundless inspiration through my own journey.

AA xx

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