Sunday, 9 March 2014


We have been looking at getting on to the property rollacoster for a while now, but with the moving and the holidays and the everything else it was taking longer that expected.
When we finally started looking seriously in Sydney it was just as the market took off. A property in Erko which we thought went for too much at auction looked a real bargin when a similar property went for $200,000 more a couple of weeks later.
I really didn't want to look this far out, or build, but with the crazy prices we needed to look at other options and this kind of made sense. More space, for the dogs, for my shoes, for us.
A collegue of my partner suggested we look at the development they has just purchased in. Even thought that didn't work out we found a suitable little block in a nearby development. 
It still doesn't quite feel real yet, I can't believe we got it, it only was a few weeks between spotting it and the land release date. Somehow we received a phone call to put down the deposit when the other purchasers had been on the wait list for up to six months.
What really sold me on the site was the protected nature reserve across the road which runs down to the river about a kilometer away, beautiful bush views that can't be built out.

So now beings the great adventure, the first steps towards the great Aussie dream, our own home.

AA x

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