Sunday, 23 March 2014


Frangipani Tree

One of the things about building a new home is that  although you start with a block of dirt and you end up with a home.
To make it feel like a home, and as a requirement of council so that new developments become more established, you have to landscape the site, and for better or worse Liverpool council has a strong preference for native vegetation.

Magnolia Tree
So there went my idea of having a beautiful fragrant Frangipani or Magnolia tree in the front yard.
My concept for the house was very simple, I wanted grass, not too many plantings, definitely none in the backyard, the dogs will just rip them up and a beautiful fragrant, flowering tree in the front yard.
Simple and elegant.

The plan that has been designed for us follows that concept but just has a few more plantings in the front yard and plenty of running room in the rear of the dogs. Thanks Nick Ison from A Total Concept Landscape Architects & Swimming Pool Designers.

AA x

Kangaroo Grass, under the tree
and beside the driveway

Coastal rosemary, to grow into a hedge
across the front and alongside the drive

Water Gum, a big flowering tree in the front year

Detail, Water gum flowers

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