Saturday, 28 June 2014


All of this waiting for council has proved to be a bonus for the current home. The inspiration and research I have been accumulating for the new house needs an outlet during this long drawn out process so I have made a few changes around the current place.


Living Room, couch from Freedom, just seen cow hide
rug on the floor from Ikea
Dining Room, the fabric canvases
were originally one piece above the bed
Hallway, most of the light that comes
into the house comes through the front
door. Crazy I know.

Bedroom, this is an almost before,
originally there was a fabric wall hanging
above the bed which has since been cut up
and stretched over canvas in the dining room 

What I have found even after the first lot of changes, each time I bring new flowers into the house I move a few things around.

Living room week one

Living room week two

Living room week three
For the eagle eyed amongst you you may have spotted the new rug(!!!!!), Moroccan boxes from Freedom. I am so very lucky I know, I didn't think that I would be able to get it until we moved. I have ensured that the dogs have a bed in here as well so they aren't lying directly on the rug, when you see the bedroom photo you will see why!

Dining Room Week one
Dining Room Week two

Dining Room week three
A few more changes in the bedroom, not updated as often, including some treasures put to use.

The wall hanging above the bed was previously a throw rug in the lounge. After I had done this I saw something similar on one of the many design blogs I follow. Please ignore the filthy Flotaki rug, it is where the dogs sleep when they are in the room, I have since cleaned it, it took all weekend and a complete container of Vanish super duper amazing carpet powder.
a few of my favourite books on the bedside

Antique bowl from Blue Mountains  used as a
jewellery catch all on the dressing table

Water carafe from a restaurant we went to last time we were
in NZ, we loved it so much we convinced them to sell it to us!
A few more updated, moved, rearranged areas around the house
Limited edition photograph from Blender Gallery
propped up on the amp in the living room 

Small bookcase moved outside the bathroom, Used
for extra storage as there is no room in the bathroom, along
 with one of two prints picked up when we were in Singapore,
the other is in the living room

Since I moved everything around in the spare room
one or both of us have used it every day, which the dogs love,
as they are allowed on this couch but not the new one in the
living room, rug from Afghanistan, animal cushions from Zanui

New plant in the hallway, a present from my wonderful sister,
Love you xoxo
I think that I have definitely caught the interior design bug and I don't think the constant updating is going to finish any time soon.

AA xx

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