Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tweakticky Tweak Tweak

When I started getting into interior design and making changes around the house, I was really into the whole scandi/ bohemian vibe with lots of white and neutral throughout the house. It wasn't quite working for a number of reasons, but basically our existing furniture and the colours of our rental didn't really gel with that whole look.

One room in particular that didn't work was the bathroom, the owners made a very odd choice of pale pinky taupey tile with a faint grey marble, it is awful and I have blocked out the memory of the red shower curtain that was in there when we first moved in. It really didn't work when our towels were added even after I had swapped the shower curtain for a white one. I fact I don't think I have ever shown a photo of the bathroom, except outside when I moved a bookshelf to add additional storage and maybe a pic of the faux succulents I have added to the window sill.

After working in hotels I developed a love for white towelling and linen, it looks so crisp and clean and is surprising easy to keep that way as you just hot wash with laundry soaker and it always comes out perfect. So for ten years we have always had white, white and more white, but it didn't help in our current bathroom.

But as I am learning to work with and make the best of what we have, I decided to make a few tweakticky tweaks.

So what did I change?

In the spirit of working with what you have,  I picked up on the pale grey veining and bought new grey bath sheets and bath mat along with a grey patterned shower curtain (this also happens to coincide with a closing down sale at the freedom opposite my office, I wasn't looking for an excuse to spend up on discounted homewares I promise, or at least that I what I am telling myself)

The new colour also works with the King Proteas I have in the large vase on the bookcase outside the bathroom door.

It looks so much better now, I also indulged in my basket obsession and grabbed a basket to store extra towels just outside the bathroom as we have absolutely no storage inside the bathroom.

As an extra pop colour I have worked in some blue to replace the very basic but very useful containers the hubs had added to corral the bathroom essentials (corral the crap, otherwise known as a place for everything, it works I swear, it makes cleaning a breeze).

You can see on the door the robe I picked up a few years ago in Singapore, I added it to the bathroom a while ago to try and add a little something and really liked so it stayed, in fact became the inspiration for the colours that have been added.

So what do you think? Any tweaks at your place? White towels, coloured towels, plain or patterned, always the same or different?

AA xx

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