Sunday, 26 October 2014

Food Coma

It has been Good Food Month in Sydney which means Night Noodle Markets, i.e. lots and lots of little plates of yummy washed down with beer or wine, or both, what ever floats your boat.

My favourites would have to have been East Ocean I have a weakness for Dim Sum and they do fantastic pork buns as well as duck pancakes & calamari, mmmmmh yummy, my mouth is watering just thinking about them (food photos from East Ocean)

The other standout was Bao Stop sweet potato chilli fries, you have to try them, so good, and lobster, pork belly or chicken rolls, it was too hard to decide on just ones so we had them all, I was seriously waddling by the time we left. (Photos from Bao Stop)

There was a fair amount of corporate sponsorship  but as they provides places to sit and eat and sip I didn't mind too much, and it did look good.

Thank god they finished today otherwise I might have put on too much weight popping up on my way home after work, trying to work my way through everything, too many choices, so much yummy food, mmmmh.

Please excuse me while to go back for a final visit, there are some duck pancakes calling my name and if I can't smuggle out a chef or two I might be able to snag some lanterns, umbrellas, or a strand or two (or three) of the origami birds in the final photo


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