Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sculptures by the Sea

With a move away from the "real"* Sydney pending, we have been trying to take advantage of the most of it as we can, so this weekend it meant the beautiful bay walk from Tama to Bondi that makes up Sculpture by the Sea, I have made this pilgrimage  almost every year I have lived in Sydney, both this time and previously and every year I look forward to it, a beautiful day walking along one of the best coastlines in the world with the added bonus of interesting art to discover and a multitude of people  to observe, life doesn't get much better.

I loved how the exhibition began and ended with a multicoloured banner attached to the railing at Bondi and Tama. But I didn't love all the people, potentially it would be better if it ran for any extra couple of weeks so the crowds were not as intense, so we did have to finish up with a very relaxing vino and a couple of beers in Bondi before heading home.

AA xx

*the term real being completely subjective for me it is the city, inner and eastern suburbs, other may have their own definition, don't shoot me because I have been spoilt

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