Saturday, 14 March 2015

Good Fences, Good Neighbours……..??

They do say that good fences make for good neighbours. But for something so seemingly simple the fences are sure causing issues.

How can it be so hard to run a straight line between two fixed points?

I must say that it is not actually the neighbours that have cause the issues, just the contractors that have been hired to put up the fences. We have three fences around our property, two of which have been installed on a slight diagonal which run over the property line and encroach onto our site, 10 cms on one side and 40cm at the rear boundary. WTF.

The fence on the side has now been relocated after a two hour consult with all neighbours involved and the contractor responsible, involving multiple sets of plans and tape measures. All resulting in the realisation that the contractor instead of installing the fence over the survey peg which marked the boundary he went around it, on our side of course (he couldn't go wrong the other way as the neighbours pool was already installed, the fence now runs almost over the concrete slab for the pool, talk about close!).

Luckily is is on the side we will hardly see as although it now runs along the boundary I think it is a little wonky along the top.

The rear fence has yet to be moved that one may take a little longer to move as that one belongs to the developer who already has tenants living there and it will involve moving the clothes line and digging up the landscaping.

Deep breaths and wine, lots of wine!

But the garage door is looking great, ties the house into the rest of the neighbourhood who have gone with mostly mocha-ish bricks.

AA xx

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