Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Big Blue and Yellow Store

The builder is making great progress on the build, the tiler is done, the painter has started, the flooring guys are booked so more decisions to be made, this time about window coverings and light shades, just so I know what I want when the time comes and I don't delay things with faffing about.

To try and keep cost from spiralling out of control as the build comes to an end I have limited myself to selecting these items from the big blue and yellow box otherwise know as Ikea.

I paid them a visit after my site visit this week so in line with my clean light bright choices so far, this is what I am thinking of;

For the 3 big windows in the living / dining area, simple curtains,

In the two smaller bedrooms, white roman blinds,

And in the master bedroom which is also at the front of the house a layered treatment to provide a little more privacy, with either roller blind or the honeycomb type with curtains, in a similar style to the living area.

I haven't decided yet if I want something for the window in the kitchen, if I do it will be either of the two above on its own.

As for lighting, we have already specified the pendant lights over the island bench and the feature light over the dining area with down lights for the rest of the living area, I just need to find shades for the bedrooms, but not hanging pendant lights which most of the nicer shades seem to be designed for.

This style came in a couple of different sizes which might work and so it is the winner so far, the weaving around the edges should work with the hanging "nest" style over the dining area,

However one of these might tie in with the frosted glass over the kitchen benches,

So I think the final decision will have to wait until the rest of the lights are installed, I will then have to make a snap final judgment.

How about you any preferences with my options?


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