Sunday, 24 August 2014

Room Redo

I don't have issues admitting when I was wrong but it's not usual for the hubs to be right and me to be wrong when it comes to updates around the house.

So here it goes, there were too many cushions on the couch. My darling other half did suggest as much when I pick up a few more a couple of weeks ago but I was too in love with them to really look objectively.

In reality we normally would just chuck a few off when we settled in for the evening and the idea began to grow to lose a couple.

The chosen ones have been relocated to the bedroom along with the smaller of our two faux fur blankets. The cushions which worked best for this ol switcharoo were two of the older ones, one of which had a dodgy zipper which wasn't copping with being on the couch and kept on bursting.

With out further ado the updated bedroom…

The earthy tones on the rug and cushions tie in with all the wooden furniture in the room and in the long run will work better with the overall theme for the house which is slowly percolating in the back of my brain. I would love nothing more that all white bohemianish, beachyish theme but hubs would prefer a darker more traditional hunting den kind of feel,  I guess my mission is to try and get both ideas to work together cohesively, so stay tuned for more trial and error in the home department.

AA xx

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