Saturday, 13 December 2014

making a list and checking it twice

Normally I am one of these super  annoying organised Christmas shoppers who by this stage has everything bought and wrapped as either, we would travel for Christmas or else I had to have everything in the post so it would arrive on time.

Not this year, due to several very boring reasons which I won't go into, we are planning to travel post Christmas so I have no shopping done what so ever.

So in order to assist those in a similar predicament I have compiled a list of pressies, some of which I have given with great success in the past others are new inspiration.

First up the previous successes;

One year I gave my brother-in-law a great cocktail book along with a basic bar set, you know the ones with the shaker, strainer and the little knives and garnishing tools. A few evenings experimenting with that won't lose him his father of the year title, but less father and more bachelor than most of his gifts.

Continuing on with the book theme, for work last year we had a Bad Santa gift exchange, our Director unwrapped the Jamie Oliver cook book I had entered, after opening it she said "if anyone takes this from me your fired". Enough said.

For the music lover check out Blender Gallery  for an awesome selection of music photographs, the wonderful Tali helped me pick this out for hubs, now we just need to find the right spot to hang it.

Next a couple of things on the maybe list for this year;

Spotted in Blue Haveli are these super colourful hand woven table cloths and napkins. Now who wouldn't love this gorgeous addition to the table.

Also at Blue Haveli are these totally individual embellished clutches, these are so in right now, I guess everyone is after unique pieces as a counterpoint to the globalisation of mass market fashion.

In a case of everything old is new again, vinyl is having a resurgence, I think this is about being present in the moment, enjoying the music as an experience not just as background as we go about our days, record players not being quite as portable as iPods, plus the sound is just better from an album on a record player. My favourite spot to browse away is Mojo Record Bar, great mix of music and booze, happy times.

Wrapping up the selection of gifts to give, (this one I am planning to giving to my team at work) is office friendly plants, depending on how much you want to spend there as multiple options of, succulents, cacti, the new favourite air plants, (see old is new again), or for a few more $$$, terrariums or earth jars (just google them).

For my family I am thinking of keeping it simple, looking through the Trade Aid online store I spotted gifts for everyone, buying it all online and having it delivered around the time I get there in the new year will make everything so much easier and also making an ethical choice that will benefit those in need of helping hand feels right.

And finally just in case hubs actually reads this in time, a couple of things on my wish list.


My obsession with Sass & Bide  is no secret, so on my list list this year is The Grace Tote and the All-Inclusive Necklace.

So happy shopping peeps, but if you have everything sorted, congratulations it's a great feeling isn't it. Otherwise, best of luck out in the maddening crowds.

AA xx

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