Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tis the season…...

When we commenced this building adventure a year ago, the outside estimates had us in the house for Christmas but the 18 weeks in council blew out all time frames, so to still be so far off finishing is a bit of a downer.

So to get us a little more into the holiday mood I have added a few little touches of seasonal sparkle.

I do prefer to keep a slightly mono-chromatic colour palate, white/ silver & green  with just a pop of red with the martini glasses and a layer in the ornament filled jar amongst the candles, subtle. The only thing missing now are the flowers, Christmas Lilies or white roses, I haven't decided yet.

I spotted some great inspiration over on Apartment Therapy, although they indicate that these are ideas for small spaces I think they can work in any space, especially if you don't want to go all out, over the top, but instead prefer a more simple approach as I do.

So how about you? Any seasonal primping going on? If so please share, as I love to see what other people have going on.

AA xx

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